Examination Module


Our Examination management Module includes following features:

  • You can define your own rules for grade/division system either based on CBSE (CEE) or ICSE or State Board

  • Marks entry and correction for all examination

  • Cross list generation for exam like FA, SA unit wise mentioning student’s position in each exam

  • Cross list generation for Term-1,Term-2 exam

  • Ms Excel export facility of cross list

  • SMS to students' parents mobile for obtained marks

  • Topper list both class-wise and subject-wise

  • Result/Progress Card Printing on individual sheet for all examinations

  • Result Sheet (School Copy) class-wise for each students with attendance record

  • Admit card printing for each exam with photograph (Optional feature-admit card cannot be printed if fee-dues)

  • Print student profile (Name, address etc.) on front page of pre-printed result card/progress report.