Library Module

Features & Advantage of Library Management Software

Library module is a fully functional library management tool loaded with detailed options for entering the information about the books. Issues and returns are also managed without any user intervention. All the operator needs is to input the details of the book or the name of the student to whom the book was issued. Moreover, the system also supports definition of a Library Fine policy so that the books returned late are fined according to the policies in control of a higher authority. Barcode facility also given to issue & return books. The structure and notation is based on Dewey Decimal Classes (DDC).


  • Acquisition:

Acquisition is the base support of the Library. It maintains publisher/suppliers record, order placing for the books/periodicals and purchased invoice entry with their payment details. Users and Members of the Library can submit their suggestions for procurement of resources (i.e. books, journals etc.) to the Librarian.


  • Circulation:

It manages library works which includes book-keeping management, their position in the safe, borrowers and readers records. Using this software, you can find the book of your choice conveniently. For instance, if you have to find a particular book in the library then you need to enter the book name or code, or subject name, the software will tell you whether this book is available in the library or not. If not then, who has been given and when it is supposed to be returned and it will also display a list of books depending on the availability of the books, which can be studied in lieu of this book. Circulation is based on the lending rules configured by the Librarian. Librarians can configure 'n' no. of lending policies for different group of members in the library. With use of Barcode and RFID technology circulation system is just "CLICK TO DO" event. Because of the highly advanced and simplified system, the task of circulation can be assigned to anyone. Member id-cards with barcode and photograph can be easily generated and used by the Library. Additionally, it is possible to record the visits of the members to the library irrespective of the circulation.


  • Cataloguing: The Library software will maintain catalogue of the books, CDs, Tap, magazine etc
  • Reminder To Publisher depending on the circulation and shortage of the books.
  • Centralised Database (work on multiple computers):
  • Reminder To Publisher:
  • Bar Code and Id Card Generation:
  • Excel Export to data and catalogue
  • Interactive, screen oriented and menu driven user interface
  • User defined security level
  • Optional Web based architecture