Student Module


Student Module helps Schools to manage all the details associated with the student. It provides unified view of Students Academic and Financial information.

Transfer Certificate:
Transfer Certificate (TC) can be issued from the student module. The reports can be customized to meet each and every education boards TC format.

Admission Cancellation/Re-admission:
You can cancel the student’s admission and do re-admission. You can impose re-admission charge. Note: In the case of cancellation of the admission, no fee will be applicable to student during cancellation period and hence upon re-admission the students name will not appear in defaulter list just fee dues in the cancellation period.

Admission Details and Reports can be taken from the Student Module, which would help the school during admission process.

Identity Card:
Students ID card's can be generated. The School's can choose to print and issues the ID card from the software or they can get the Data from the software in an excel sheet and give it to the ID card vendor's to import the data in their software and to generate the ID Cards.

Caste and Category:
Students Caste Category / Religion report with student count grouped as boys and girls can be generated from the software, which the schools can submit to the Education Board.

Number of Boys and Girls under each section and class for the entire School can be generated from Student Module.

Excel Export:
Students record can be exported to Excel Sheet.